China Tech Newsletter – April 14, 2015

Le MAX (image: LeTV)

LeTV, the online video and smart TV company, unveils its long-hyped smartphone Super Phone (our translation). It comes in three models.

EUI, the custom Android system developed for LeTV phones, has integrated all the services and video content of LeTV which are also available for its smart TVs.

The company touts its bezel-less design as selling point. But the bigger difference must be in pricing strategy, the same with that for its smart TVs, that LeTV phones charge an annual fee for content and service consumption.

The company also unveiled a VR headset. But no details are available for now.

Alibaba launches Xiao Pu, a tool for easy store management through the Mobile Taobao app for sellers. The company claims it takes less than five minutes to upload an item with the newly available capabilities.

Alibaba and Youku-Tudou, in which the former has a stake, launches the “View and Buy” program which enables viewers to buy items shown in a video without pausing to the playing video.

When uploading a video onto Youku’s UGC platform, video owners now are able to choose relevant goods that are available on Alibaba’s marketplaces to show next to the video. The program is powered by Alimama, Alibaba’s contextual advertising service. Youku will share revenue cuts from purchases with video owners.

Ant Financial Services Group, the finance arm of Alibaba Group, released “Vitanmin” project claiming to make data, technologies and distribution channels it has available to other financial institutions.

Mojing, a VR headset maker in which video software provider Baofeng has a stake, announced US$10 million funding from film production company Huayi Brothers, TELLING, Aisidi, and IERVC.

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