China Tech Newsletter – Oct 10, 2015

China’s Ministry of Transportation released a draft regulation on online ride hailing operations. — Bloomberg

Giant Interactive, the gaming company that was delisted from the NYSE in July 2014, is seeking to relist on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange through a reverse merger. (via Xinhua)

TAL Education Group invests US$30 million into Xuekewang, a K-12 educational resources portal, for a 32% stake. (announcement in Chinese)

Founded in 2003, Xuekewang has more than 15 million users, with 80% being teachers, according to the company.

A Beijing woman has been arrested for allegedly earning more than RMB30,000 (about US$4800) from fake orders placed on ride-hailing app Didi. Ms. Chang, whose husband is a taxi driver and Didi app user, used tailor-made software to create false orders. (via Jinghua)

Fake bookings has been a problem with ride-sharing apps including Didi, Kuaidi and Uber since they subsidize passengers and drivers to expand their services.

Wandoujia, a mobile app/in-app content search engine developer, has disallowed direct downloads of Baidu apps from its service. The company found the Chinese search giant stopped including its contents in Baidu search results in early this year.

Wandoujia now even recommends competing apps when a user searches for a Baidu app, saying they’ll keep doing so till their contents get back to Baidu results pages. (Wandoujia’s announcement in Chinese)


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