China Tech Newsletter – Oct 15, 2015

InWatch Run running YunOS for Wear (image credit: InWatch)
InWatch Run running YunOS for Wear (image credit: InWatch)

YunOS for Wear is Alibaba’s version of Android-based system for wearables. It’s pre-loaded with Tmall marketplace, Alipay and AutoNavi’s mapping service.

InWatch Run by smart watch startup InWatch and Pay Watch by wearable maker Oband are the first devices to run this system.

Tencent and Baidu released their Android-based systems for smart watch earlier in June and April, respectively.

The latest update of Alipay app has added content sharing platform Living (Shenghuoquan in Chinese) and Snapchat-like temporary messaging feature.

Apart from sharing photos and videos like what WeChat Moments enables, the Living feature also allows live video streaming. Users are able to tip friends’ photos or videos.

Alipay app now supports English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

Alipay’s parent company Ant Financial Services Group announced a strategic investment into, which operates a tech news site and an equity crowdfunding platform. (via Sina Tech)

Ride-sharing company Didi and AliHealth, Alibaba’s health arm, will test an on-demand doctor service by partnering Mingyizhudao, an online marketplace of surgeons, on October 18 – 19 in four cities, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Nanjing.

Users in the four cities can book doctors through Didi’s ride-hailing app.

Licaitong, the asset management platform on WeChat, had had 20 million users as of October 10th. It was launched in early 2014. (via Guangzhou Daily)

China had had 553 million mobile mapping service users as of June this year, a 17% year-over-year growth, according to iimedia, a mobile market research firm.

Alibaba’s AutoNavi had 30.7% market share, Baidu Maps had 27.9%, Tencent Maps had 14.9% and Sogou Maps had 9.5%.

US$36 billion of assets will be injected into China Tower Corp., the new company jointly established by the three Chinese telcos last year.  — Bloomberg

China Mobile will hold a 38% stake in the new company, China Unicom will own 28.1% and China Telecom 27.9%. The rest will be held by China Reform Holdings Corp..

iQiyi, Baidu’s online video subsidiary, will offer 40+ more shows to its monthly paid subscribers in 2016. To produce and purchase new shows the company will allocate about half of its 2016 overall budget.

Its inventory has had some 6 000 titles, “2500 of which are major Hollywood studio productions”, according to the company. Earlier in July iQiyi announced to acquire the internet broadcast rights for “800 existing and future movies of Paramount Pictures”. More recently it signed a long-term deal with Lionsgate.

The company claims to have had 500 million users and 5 million paid subscribers.


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