China Tech Newsletter – Jan. 22, 2016

Source: CNNIC
Source: CNNIC

Internet users in China reached 688 million as of the end of 2015, according to the latest annual report by CNNIC. 127 million users, 18.5% of the total, accessed the internet exclusively through mobile phones.

Internet access rate reached 50.3% as of 2015.

Source: CNNIC
Source: CNNIC
  • Online payment users: 416 million, up 37% from the previous year; Mobile payment users: 358 million, an increase of 65%. 83% of businesses with internet access use online banking.
  • Instant messaging service users: 624 million, a 6% increase; Mobile messaging service users: 557 million, a 10% growth.
  • Online music service users: 501 million, a 5% growth; Mobile music service users: 416 million, an increase of 14%.
  • Online Shoppers: 413 million, up 14%; Mobile shopping service users: 340 million, up 44%.
  • Taxi hailing service users: 97 million; Private car ordering service users: 22 million.
  • Food delivery service users: 114 million. The top three, Tencent-backed Meituan-Dianping, Alibaba’s Koubei and Baidu’s, have a combined market share of 83%.
  • Online educational service users: 110 million
  • Online health service users: 152 million
  • Search service users: 566 million, up 8%; Mobile search users: 478 million, a 11% increase.
  • Online games players: 391 million, up 7%; Mobile gamers: 279 million, up 13%.
  • Online video users: 504 million, up 7%; Mobile video viewers: 405 million, a 30% increase.
  • Group-buying service users: 180 million, up 4% . 88% of the users purchase deals through mobile phones.
  • 564 million Chinese users consume news online, with 85% reading news through mobile; 297 million read online published literary works, with 87% reading on mobile phones.
  • 75% of mobile marketers use WeChat for marketing.

More than 300,000 developers have adopted APIs developed by AutoNavi, the mapping company of Alibaba Group.

AutoNavi claims that 85% of navigation apps, 65% of social apps and 60% food delivery apps have integrated its services. (via Sina Tech)

Ant Financial Services Group, Alibaba’s financial affiliate, has signed strategic partnership with Russian bank VTB.

AliExpress, the international commerce retail marketplace of Alibaba Group, is one of the most popular e-commerce sites in Russia.

Intel has formed a chip venture together with Beijing-based Tsinghua University and Shanghai-based Montage Technology Global Holdings. — The Wall Street Journal


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