Mobile Video App Developer Yixia Technology Announces US$500M Series E Funding

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Yixia Technology announces US$500 million in Series E round of funding from a group of investors including Sina Weibo, which owns the leading Twitter-like service in China, and Wepiao, the Tencent-backed e-ticketing and film distribution company. Financial terms were not disclosed.

The product portfolio of Yixia Technology includes short video sharing app Miaopai, live video broadcasting app Yizhibo, lip-sync app Xiaokaxiu, and a couple of video-related tools. Its strategic investor Sina Weibo has integrated the live video streaming service, Yizhibo, and has been promoting the other two mobile services to Weibo users.

Here’s an article I wrote a couple of months ago about Yixia Technology and China’s mobile video clip sharing market based on an interview with Liu Xinzheng, senior vice president of Yixia Technology.


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