Meitu’s 2016 Results

Source: Meitu
Source: Meitu

Virtual items, launched on the short video and live streaming app Meipai in June 2016, generated RMB45.6 million in gross sales. More than 60% of the total sales were paid to content creators. Average monthly paying users were more than 200,000.

Advertising revenues decreased 17% year-on-year.

The total monthly active users (MAU) of Meitu apps, including Meitu (photo editing), BeautyCam (selfie editing) and Meipai, was 450 million. Average revenue per MAU was RMB0.292 in 2016.

Source: Meitu

A total of 748,256 smartphones were sold in 2016, up from 387,775 in the previous year.

Average selling price was RMB1959, up from RMB1699 in the previous year. In February 2017 the company launched T Series, which include a more premium-priced model T8.

Meitu got listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in December 2016. Here you can find more about the company’s businesses.


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